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Intense live showdown between voices and computer. Imagine a pop version of Efterklang or Arcade Fire exposed to Nordic songwriting and you’ve got Danish POSTYR.

The Danish vocal group POSTYR gives vocal music a facelift with their 4 voices, 1 computer and catchy melodies. The group has become known worldwide for their characteristic and evocative sound, combining 4 gripping voices with sampled beats and heartfelt songwriting, also making POSTYR’s live performances unprecedented in the international music landscape.

”The voice is probably the one instrument in the world, which has the most varied timbre. Some are beautiful and others are sharp and edgy, like so much else in life. If we want the music to reflect, who we are, we have to be honest and make room for beauty, enthusiasm, sadness, the hard and the brittle. Somewhere between the words, the tones, the melodies, the natural immediacy of the voices and the mechanical precision of the computer we chase a nerve and an expression that is hard to put into words but which everybody can feel, when we nail it. That’s POSTYR at our best” – Tine Fris, soprano in POSTYR.

The singers in POSTYR grew up with vocal and choral music and they met in the inspiring musical environment around the world-renowned Danish choir, Vocal Line, and the award winning vocal group, Vox 11. POSTYR was founded in 2009 out of a desire and an ambition to innovate and generate vocal music through development of new composed music written specifically for this type of ensemble.


  • The group has earlier released two EPs and two albums
  • POSTYR has toured the world with their songs and played in countries like the US, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Slovenia, England, Finland, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark
  • POSTYR has appeared on TV several times, a.o. on the German station “NDR”, the national TV station in Taiwan,, the Danish national station “TV2” and have been interviewed on several radio stations such as the British “BBC3”, the Finnish national radio “YLE” and been in rotation on a huge number of big and slightly smaller radio stations in a.o. the US, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.
  • Has played with a.o. The Real Group, Nahibo, DJ Static and more
  • The music has been used in several major commercials, such as a worldwide campaign for the clothing retailer Vero Moda as well as for Samsung in Korea
  • POSTYR is featured on the latest album from the American band The House Jacks and has a.o. performed with the Swedish jazz legends in The Real Group as well as Rajaton and Pust
  • Performed live during the opening ceremony at the European Swimming Championship in BOXEN, Herning
  • Has been nominated for 13 awards and won several international awards for their concerts and recordings, latest as the runner up for the American top sellers Pentatonix for best live performance at the ACA Awards in the US and for best ”original song” and best ”R’n’B song” with the title ”Talk 2 Me” (The House Jacks feat. Postyr) at the CARA Awards 2015
  • ”Paper Tiger” is released on Iceberg Records in cooperation with Playground Music 04.09.2015.


  • Tine Fris, soprano
  • Line Groth, alto
  • Anders Hornshøj Laugesen, tenor
  • Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning, bass and laptop

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